The Immortal Guardian Series


Leandro Falke, Farvardin, Enkidu. Many names, one person. The Guardian, eternal, immortal. Only his failure to protect his royal charge can end his life. And not in a good way.

Terrae Motus Books
paperback ISBN 978-1512262520
and ebook ASIN B00U60E1PY

Enkidu awakes from his stone prison. Nanaia, a beautiful priestess with golden hair is the first thing he sees upon awakening. She gives him his purpose and reveals his curse: to be an eternal guardian for those of the royal blood. She baptizes him Farvardin.

Farvardin, who was Enkidu who was once…something more ancient and terrible, rails at his fate, and longs for the life he once had, the friendship of a great king and the love of his wife. But it doesn’t take him long to realize how much he now wants to stay alive.

He immerses himself into the political intrigues of a Babylon ruled by a young but wildly successful Macedonian conqueror named Alexander, the man he is charged to protect. His failure to keep the great king of this age alive will cost him more than just his life.

The curse of the immortal   guardian guarantees it.

Wings of the Guardian is a short story in the Immortal Guardian series

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Eye of the Sphinx

Terrae Motus Books
paperback ISBN 978-1495962318
and ebook ASIN B00U5ZY5E2

Leandro Falke, sculptor for the Cologne cathedral workshop and immortal guardian has a secret existence known only to Miriam Richter, his lover and the human he is sworn to protect. Miriam, Hauptkommissar of the Robbery and Homicide division for the Cologne police accepts her lover’s arcane existence and the curse of his oath.

Even though estranged from Leandro because she refuses to accept their coerced situation, her job presents her with a constant temptation to use his special talents. Especially when she’s got a murder to solve.


Make that multiple murders. Three young women have been murdered dead, their skin sculpted in grotesque imitations of figures from the cathedral.


With no leads and no clue about when the killer will strike again, Miriam needs Leandro.

The good news: there’s a new moon, so it will be the perfect night for flying dark.

Eye of the Sphinx is a short story in the Immortal Guardian series.

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