Shaky Ground Press Release

In the stunning sequel to “Primary Fault”, expat American woman faces down her enemies once again

Expat Caitlin Schwarzbach protects her brother from random attacks while monitoring a ‘fracking’ experiment in Cologne, Germany in Sharon Kae Reamer’s “Shaky Ground”
COLOGNE, Germany – In “Shaky Ground” (ISBN 978-1479389469), Sharon Kae Reamer continues with her science meets magic Schattenreich series. The novel follows recently expatriated geophysicist Caitlin Schwarzbach. After getting her brother Gus out of jail, rescuing his institute, and reuniting with her lover, Caitlin faces her enemies once again.
After dinner and a romantic evening with Hagen von der Lahn at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Cologne, Caitlin waits for her brother Gus near the hotel entrance. Just as her brother arrives, Gus’s car blows up. Caitlin and Gus's troubles begin anew.
They determine to carry on with their archeoseismology project in the Praetorium excavation in Cologne city. But Gus and Caitie become the target of additional attacks. The Cologne police have few leads to the perpetrators.

Intent on soliciting Hagen’s help in investigating the attempts on Gus’s life, Caitlin accepts his invitation for an intimate fireside dinner on the eve of the winter solstice. After presenting her with an exquisitely wrought solid-gold pendant in the form of a lynx, Hagen confirms Caitlin’s experiences with an alternate reality.

He then abruptly informs her he will be absent for a few months’ time. But Hagen doesn’t reveal the nature of his journey or where it will take him.
Caitlin soon finds out, and the truth leaves her on very shaky ground. Caitlin’s life has just become supernaturally complicated.

Long-term goal: Accept a new paradigm that includes Celtic deities and ancient curses.

Short-term goal: Choose between keeping Gus safe or learning the truth about her past and its implications for her future.

When she learns about the ‘fracking’ experiment in Cologne being conducted by her enemies, Caitlin’s short-term goal becomes dangerously acute.
“Shaky Ground”: available in trade paperback and ebook at Amazon worldwide and all its distribution channels.
About the Author:
A seismologist by training, Sharon Kae Reamer combines research and teaching at the University of Cologne. She loves speculative fiction of all sorts. “Shaky Ground” is the second novel in the Schattenreich fantasy series. She lives outside of Cologne, Germany with her husband, son and Ramses the cat. 
"Shaky Ground" is available at Amazon worldwide.

Editorial Reviews for Shaky Ground

Star Review five out of five stars

San Francisco Book Review, October 2013 issue


Shaky Ground: a novel of the Schattenreich
(Volume 2)

After narrowly surviving a series of brutal attacks, Caitlin is ready to move on with her life. But fate still has plenty of supernatural surprises in store for her. Caitlin is still experiencing “Otherworld visions” - shared metaphysical dreams with magical, mystical people who possess the ability to walk between our world and the Schattenreich.


When her brother Gus’s, car blows up and a car tries to run them down, it is obvious that the same people who previously set Gus up are still intent on causing Caitlin, Hagen (her lover), and Gus harm. To discover more about what is threatening his friends, Hagen leaves on family business for an undetermined amount of time, and Caitlin is left to get to know two mysterious members of his family.


As the story progresses, Caitlin learns more about the Schattenreich and her own heritage. Shaky Ground picks up shortly after the conclusion of Primary Fault, the first novel in Reamer’s Schattenreich fantasy series. This suspenseful novel combines current-day, real world science with romance, intrigue and conspiracy theories.

Reamer flawlessly blends contemporary issues with historical themes and elements. She switches between telling the story from Caitlin’s point of view and revealing more of the mystery from inside the Schattenreich.


Reamer’s dialogue is engaging; the author is a master at writing personal exchanges between her dynamic characters. And at the same time, she has an amazing talent for writing descriptive scenes. Explanations of what new characters and locations look like are never boring - they are insightful and reveal even more about the fantastic story and fictional world Reamer has created.


Shaky Ground is action packed and exciting. Reamer also knows when to slow things down and let readers appreciate the essence of each character’s personal story and the evolution of the tale.


To fully enjoy the story, it is necessary to read the first book in the series, Primary Fault. You won’t regret it. Readers will be anxiously awaiting the next installment in the series.