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Fantasy and science fiction, not a hard border, possible to map in the time domain, but better viewed as a curvy spectrum in the fictional domain with definite peaks and valleys.

Magic versus Technology. Every speculative fiction writer has their own unique spectrum that may have its signature peak on one side or the other. Mine straddles both genres, producing a double peak.

Like an emission spectrum, only brighter, more colorful and essentially unstable and combustible, because who knows what will happen when magic and technology combine…

Or an astronomical clock with magical mythical, often grotesque, creatures dancing through the hours and accompanied by illumination in dark lustrous metal and gold leaf of regular cosmic events…

Or the language of dreams, their arrival regulated by the physiology of the human body in sleep and their essence dominated by a gateway into the deepest recesses of the human mind.

What’s new? What am I working on?

My new release, the science fantasy novella, Night Shepherd, (part of the Sundered Veil series) is now available as a stand-alone publication, in e-book and print and will also appear in the anthology (now available!), Doorway into Faerie, edited by Jamie Ferguson.

I’m currently finishing the first novel (and several shorter works) in a new fantasy series, The Sundered Veil. And working on revisions on my first science fantasy novel, Daughters of Earth, Book 1 of the trilogy Gravity’s Gift.

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Things to Talk About

When I’m not writing, I’m usually gardening or working on needlepoint or walking or swimming. Or reading. Mostly, I’m reading. I may talk about these things occasionally here, what I’ve read, stitched or planted. And I love to post snippets from my writing.

My life is that of a full-time writer. I also keep involved in science and am currently working on an archeoseismology textbook with my co-author and husband. Here are a few more details about me.

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Sharon Kae Reamer