Shadow Zone

Caitlin von der Lahn. Data expert. Druid.


Stabbed through the heart by her worst

adversary, Caitlin seeks a way to return to the waking world – and to life. She desperately wants the life taken from her in a brutal sacrifice on the summer solstice. She has embarked on her first journey.

The Ankou. Death. Dreadful. Dangerous.

The spectre she has feared since childhood has now transformed into a pointy-eared deity of beauty. He tells Caitlin about her choice – the choice of how she will lead her life.

Caitlin’s journey takes her through the reaches of Cernunnos’s territory in Ande-dubnos and beyond, to face the fearsome entity who cursed the von der Lahn family 2000 years ago.

The vengeful triple deity of war and fertility, Cathubodua reveals the secret of the curse and why Caitlin must bring it to an end.

Shadow Zone, Book 4 of the Schattenreich, continues Caitlin’s odyssey.

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