About the Author

Sharon Kae Reamer has been making up stories since she was in the second grade. Wait…you’ve heard that one before? Okay. But it’s true. It was a play. She wrote a play about a cow and a milk bottle. It was fantasy. It was speculative. The class performed the play, even. She also produced plays for the neighborhood kids and charged them a penny admittance. Mostly re-enacted fairy tales and pirate yarns.

Many years since then, Sharon became a professional geophysicist. Her job descriptions included senior scientist and lecturer at the University of Cologne, seismologist, and, lastly, archeoseismologist, before retiring her university position at the end of 2017.

Today, Sharon writes (mostly) speculative fiction full-time from her home on the outskirts of Cologne, Germany. She also continues to participate in archeoseismology projects with her husband/collaborator.

She writes mostly at the kitchen table, and with one or two cats hanging about. She does have an office full of books where she can retreat if she wants to. She usually doesn’t want to because it’s lonely there, and the cats are always knocking things off the shelves to distract her.

Sharon writes fantasy, mystery, science fiction, and a lot of things that are in-between and all stirred together. She loves mythology like most people love Tex-Mex. She loves that, too, but she doesn’t often write about it.

Sharon’s professional interest in archeoseismology and pre-history got together with her love of a good myth, and that’s where they happily coexist today, often pushing her in new directions and sometimes making her dizzy. Homemade sour cream chicken enchiladas usually fixes that.