The Truth Is Out There

This is one of my longer articles. I’m trying to do a few of them to break up the photo montages of archeoseismology travelogues and cute kitty and garden pictures. 🙂 According to Wikipedia, the title of this article is a tagline (The X-Files) or an episode title (from the series Charmed and NCIS). The […]

Eurocon 2017 Dortmund

  I’ll be in attendance at the Eurocon starting some time later today. My official schedule: Panel: Refugees  Friday, June 16, 18:00-19:00 Short Fiction Reading: Some Don’t Like It Quite So Hot featuring Schattenreich characters Caitie and Hagen von der Lahn in one of a new series of time travel mysteries Saturday, June 17, 14:00-15:00 […]

The Looooooong Break

I’m back! Sorry about the break, but I needed time to write, to read, to travel and time to think. I know that’s no excuse. I could have just popped in here and written something – what I’m writing, reading, thinking, etc. But it was my alone time. Everyone needs that. I am convinced I […]