Eye of the Sphinx

An Immortal Guardian novelette

Leandro Falke, sculptor for the Cologne cathedral workshop and immortal guardian, has a secret existence known only to Miriam Richter, his lover and the human he is sworn to protect. Miriam, Hauptkommissar of the Robbery and Homicide division for the Cologne police, accepts her lover’s arcane existence and the curse of his oath.

Even though estranged from Leandro, Miriam’s job presents her with a constant temptation to use his special talents. Especially when she’s got a murder to solve.

Make that multiple murders. Three young women have been murdered dead, their skin sculpted in grotesque imitations of figures from the cathedral. With no leads and no clue about when the killer will strike again, Miriam needs Leandro.

The good news: there’s a new moon, so it will be the perfect night for flying dark.

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